Sunday Worship 10.30am and 6.15pm
Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study 7.30pm

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About Us

We have been a church based near Southport’s town centre for 141 years. But who are we today? What is Grace Baptist Church Southport all about?

Well, one thing we are dedicated to is this –

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Who we are.

Do you want to know more about us? Well, we’re ordinary people who believe what the Bible says about Jesus Christ. He is Lord & God, Saviour & Friend, Teacher & Example. We want other people to hear about him, and come to know him for themselves.

We’re a friendly church, just five minutes walk from the centre of Southport. With a large, mixed congregation there’s certain to be people you will relate to, so making friends won’t take long.

We have a vision to take the wonderful message of Jesus Christ to the people of the 21st Century. You’re welcome to join us, anytime!

We have been a church based near Southport’s town centre for 141 years. Over the past decades, as a consequence of God blessing the commitment of many people, there has been healthy growth. As a result, we are now on two sites – across the road from each other. On the corner of Princes St and Market St, we have the original building – now called the Grace Centre. Across the road we have the building we use for Sundays & larger meetings.

We are a church with a mix of people according to age, background, marital status, experiences and Christian maturity.

What’s all this about ‘grace’?

Undeserved – impossible to earn – outrageously extravagant

We were God’s enemies. This is expressed in hostility against him, or presumption that we are fine without him or just indifference towards him. While we are like this, God makes the first and greatest move towards us. In love he sent His Son to be our rescuer. The action taken is one of ‘grace’.

Jesus lived the life we should have lived, and died the death we deserved to die. Because of the cross and resurrection of Jesus we can now fully rely on Him to give us forgiveness for our past, His continuing presence for today and a great hope as we face eternity.

Can you see why we called the church ‘Grace’?