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What we believe

We believe that the Bible is Gods message to our world. What it teaches is surprising and supremely important. Read on to see what we believe the Bible teaches us.


Our Beliefs



WE BELIEVE that there is one true and living God, glorious, sovereign and whose nature is love. In the one essence of God are three distinct persons, co-equal and co-eternal – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I Cor. 8v4-6, Deut. 6v4: I John 4v8; Dan. 4v25, I Peter 1v2.

WE BELIEVE that God is our Creator. He alone is the source of life. The supreme act of creation was God’s forming of man and woman in His own image. Col. 1v16; Gen. 26v31.

WE BELIEVE that God is our Sustainer. God is sovereign over all angels, people and events, and is guiding history towards its predestined end. Heb. 13: Isa. 46v10-11.

WE BELIEVE that God is our Redeemer. The salvation of sinners in its origin, provision and application is entirely the work of God. Luke 1v68; Eph. 2v8.

The Bible


WE BELIEVE that God’s glory revealed in creation is not sufficient to give mankind a saving knowledge of Himself. For this reason God has graciously given in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments that complete and reliable unfolding of His character and will necessary for salvation. Heb. 1v1; II Tim. 3v15-17.

In communicating His revelation, God used human authors without employing them mechanically or disregarding their personalities. The Holy Spirit so prepared and guided the writers that the original Scriptures were preserved from all error. Therefore, we accept the divine authority of the whole Bible. II Tim. 3v16; II Peter 1v21.



WE BELIEVE that Adam and Eve were created holy and happy but that, tempted by Satan, they rebelled against God. By this fall Adam, as the representative of the human race, forfeited his high privilege of sinless fellowship with God and brought about the condemnation of all mankind.

Gen. 2v16-17; 3v1-6; Rom. 5v12-19; I Cor. 15v21-22.

WE BELIEVE that, although fallen men and women are alienated from God by their sin, they are still accountable to Him. However, they cannot save themselves and are unwilling and unable either to please God by obedience or to come to Christ. Titus 3v3-5; John 6v44.

Plan of Salvation


WE BELIEVE that salvation is entirely the result of divine grace. God in grace eternally predestined to salvation a great multitude of sinners for whom the eternal Son of God willingly became the Mediator. In the fulness of time the Son of God took a real and sinless human nature in the womb of the virgin Mary and lived a perfect life, in full obedience to the holy law of God. He bled and died at Calvary, giving Himself as the substitute for His elect, bearing the full penalty of their sin, and rose from the dead on the third day. He ascended into heaven, where He lives and reigns, interceding for the church on earth and governing all things until the end of the age. Eph. 2v8; I Tim. 5v21; I Peter 1v19-20; Rom. 8v3; Gal. 4v4; I Cor. 15v3-4; Acts 1v9-11; Rom. 8v34.

Application of Salvation


WE BELIEVE that the salvation secured by the work of Jesus Christ is communicated to the elect by the Holy Spirit. By His powerful and mysterious agency they are quickened into spiritual life. They hear the call of God through His Word and are given the desire and the ability to repent of sin and to believe in Christ as their Saviour and Lord. Renewed by the Spirit, penitent sinners are justified by faith alone, having their sins pardoned and Christ’s righteousness imputed to them. Those whom God justifies will finally persevere and enter into the joys of heaven. Eph. 2v1-6; Acts 26v18; Phil. 3v8-9; John 1v12; Rom. 5v17; Eph. 4v15-16.

Christian Life


WE BELIEVE that the Christian experiences the twin blessings of the new covenant, namely: forgiveness of sins and the creation of a desire to glorify God by a sanctified life which conforms to His laws. Although the old sinful nature remains in the believer until death, and the Christian experiences the conflict of the old nature and the new, yet good works and practical holiness are indispensable evidence of a saving experience of God’s grace. Acts 20v32; Rom. 7; Jas. 2v18-22.

The Church


WE BELIEVE that the universal church is the innumerable company of God’s elect in every age, while the local church is made up of those who have joined together in visible fellowship. We believe that it is the duty of all believers to unite with a local church in commitment to the Lord, to the command of scripture and to other members. Such commitment is necessary for each believer’s spiritual growth and for their corporate testimony to the world. Heb. 12v23; Col. 1v18; Acts 20v17; Matt. 18v15-20.

WE BELIEVE that the sole Head of the church is Jesus Christ who communicates His will through His Word and guides the church by His Spirit. As the ascended Lord He also maintains His work on earth through His gifts. The local church is served by elders and deacons. Eph. 5v23-32; Acts 14v23, I Tim. 4v14.

WE BELIEVE that it is the responsibility of God’s people to preach the gospel in their locality and among all nations. Matt. 28v19; I Thess. 1v7-8.

WE BELIEVE that the local church is responsible to Christ for its own administration and is independent of the control of any other church. Acts 20v17-18; Phil. 1v1.

Lord's Supper


WE BELIEVE that Baptism and the Lord’s Supper were instituted by Christ and are to be observed in each local church until Christ returns.

WE BELIEVE that Baptism is to be administered only to those who have made a credible profession of faith in Christ, and that the symbolism of the ordinance is properly fulfilled only by immersion in water.

WE BELIEVE that, while Baptism is the ordinance of initiation, the Lord’s Supper is a continuing means of grace to the local church, the symbolic setting of the efficacy of Christ’s death in the emblems of bread and wine.

Therefore, before believers share in the Supper they should identify with the Lord Jesus Christ and His church in Baptism and church membership.

Matt. 28v19-20; Rom. 6v3-5; I Cor. 11v23-26.

Last Things


WE BELIEVE that, at a time known only to God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ will return to the earth with power and glory to raise the dead, both believers and unbelievers, and to judge all mankind. The impenitent will hear the dreadful sentence of the righteous Judge and go to eternal punishment. Believers will, through the merits of Christ, be presented before God’s presence without fault, and will enjoy the eternal bliss of the new heavens and new earth. Acts 17v30-31, I Cor. 15, II Cor. 12v36, Phil. 3v21.

A more detailed statement of belief is contained in our affirmation of faith, entitled, “We Believe,” and published by Grace Publications, 1966

Here is a brief version of what we believe:

  • God is a different kind of being from men and women. He is three persons (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) yet each person is the whole of Him.
  • God is the creator of the whole universe. He is in complete control of everything. Nothing can prevent Him from doing his will.
  • God created the first man and woman to rule and care for our world but they disobeyed their Creator and lost their perfection. Each of us, descended from them, has a disobedient and selfish nature. We can only expect God’s rejection and judgement.
  • Out of love and mercy God the Son became a man. He lived a perfectly obedient life. Finally He suffered death on the cross, taking the place of millions of sinners, whom He loved. His victory over sin and death is proved by His rising from the dead.
  • God has promised the Holy Spirit to give people the capability to turn from their selfishness and trust Christ. Salvation is an absolutely free gift from God, which we cannot earn or buy. To accept this free gift, we must repent of our rebellion and trust in Christ alone to save us.
  • No one who truly repents and trusts Christ can ever be lost. Christians are baptised to show publicly what has already happened within them. Then, through the strength of the Holy Spirit, Christians slowly become more and more like Christ
  • Everyone who has ever lived will one day see the personal, glorious return of Jesus Christ to earth. Then the family of God will be made perfect. They will live in the presence of God forever.
  • This SAVIOUR-GOD is whom we worship and serve.