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Don’s Daily Devotions

Join us as we read the scriptures and a daily devotion written by Don Crisp. We pray these messages will bless us all at this time.

Acts chapter 15 v 23-29:

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Acts chapter 15 v 23-29:

V23:  They bear a letter from the church, with the authority of the Apostles and Elders, welcoming the Gentile believers in Antioch and the other churches planted as brothers ( and sisters ) in  Christ, and greeting them warmly.

V24:  It emphasises that those men who came to Antioch and demanded legalistic burdens for the Gentiles ( v1.) did not come with the authority of the Jerusalem church, nor were sent by them.

V25-26:  So, they have sent Judas and Silas back with Paul and Barnabas ( who are spoken of as ” beloved” in Christ. ) It is not entirely clear if the reference to ” men who have risked their lives” for Christ’s sake refers to Judas  and Silas, or Paul and Barnabas – but probably the latter, as we know was the case on their missionary journey.

V27:  And Judas and Silas will endorse  by word of mouth all that the letter says.

V28-29:  The terms of the letter are repeated ( but specifically said to be the Holy Spirit’s revealed will ) The repetition again emphasises the importance of what is being said – how the Gentiles do not need to ” become like Jews” to be saved – Indeed, Jews like Gentiles are saved only by God’s grace, through faith in Christ ( Ephesians 2 v8-9.) We must realise what a major step this was for the early church, and how God is making His will and purpose clear, through His dealings with both Peter and Paul, and His revealed  Word in the OT. Yet the issue will raise it’s head again, as some of Paul’s letters show. Do we sometimes resist what the Lord is saying to us?