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Don’s Daily Devotions

Join us as we read the scriptures and a daily devotion written by Don Crisp. We pray these messages will bless us all at this time.

Acts chapter 17 v 10-15:

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Acts chapter 17 v 10-15:

V10:  The believers at once send Paul and Silas away , v14 tells us this must have included Timothy too, and perhaps Luke. This shows their concern not only for the missionaries’ safety, but for the ongoing spread of the gospel. The infant church in Thessalonica is in God’s hands, and Paul will later write warmly of their faith and witness. ( 1 Thessalonians 1 v2-8.) Paul and his companions reach Berea, and as usual where there is one, he goes into the synagogue.

V11-12:  They are well received, in God’s over-ruling grace. The Berean Jews eagerly receive Paul’s message, and themselves diligently search the OT scriptures to see if they do say what Paul has said. Consequently ( for of course, they do ) many come to faith, both Jews and Gentile God-fearers, men and women. Perhaps the specific mention of the ” standing” of some of these women emphasises the Gospel regard for women in a day when they were generally little regarded.

V13:  But Satan never stops trying to hinder the work. Some of the antagonistic Jews from Thessalonica, hearing of the blessing in Berea, come there to stir up what trouble they can.

V14:  Again, the believers send Paul away, though Timothy and Silas stay in Berea for a while, no doubt to encourage and teach the infant church. We note the ongoing concern for the continuing spread of the Gospel and the planting of new churches.

V15:  Some Berean Christians conduct Paul  all the way to Athens – some 200 miles!  – probably on foot, and for them with the return journey too. What Gospel love and courtesy we see in this. He sends them back, asking for Silas and Timothy to come to him as soon as they can. Paul always preferred to work with a team where possible – a lasting Gospel principle.