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Don’s Daily Devotions

Join us as we read the scriptures and a daily devotion written by Don Crisp. We pray these messages will bless us all at this time.

Acts Chapter 18 v 12-17:

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Acts Chapter 18 v 12-17:

V12:  After this period, when a man named Gallio becomes the ” pro-consul of Achaia” ( Greece ), ( the Roman governor ) the Jews again attack Paul angrily, and bring him before the tribunal ( the governor’s place of judgement .)

V13:  They charge Paul with teaching people to worship God in ways contrary to Jewish law. ( In fact, he has always sought to show how the OT Law points to and is fulfilled in Jesus, of course.)

V14-15:  But even before Paul can speak in his defence, Gallio tells the Jews this is not a crime to concern him, or Roman law, but a mere matter of Jewish squabbling – there is clearly a dismissive attitude to the Jews here, who were already becoming targets of Roman prejudice ( see v1.) But God can use any means He chooses to enable Gospel work to continue, and this will lead to Paul being set free to continue his ministry.

V16-17:  So, the Jews are driven from the tribunal – presumably violently. It is unclear who seizes and beats Sosthenes, who has, it seems, replaced Crispus as ” ruler of the synagogue “, whether Jews angry because the charges against Paul have failed, or Gentiles in support of Paul – or even a general ” anti-Jewish” reaction, but this too leaves Gallio unmoved and uninvolved.