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Don’s Daily Devotions

Join us as we read the scriptures and a daily devotion written by Don Crisp. We pray these messages will bless us all at this time.

Acts chapter 18 v 6-11:

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Acts chapter 18 v 6-11:

V6:  But the Jews in the synagogue ( probably especially their leaders ) now oppose Paul and revile him. Just as at Antioch of Pisidia, in chapter 13, he sees this as a clear indication from God that their rejection of the Gospel means he will turn from them, and go directly to the Gentiles in Corinth – a solemn reminder that the Lord will sometimes leave people in their persistent hardness of heart.

V7:  He stays now with a Gentile – Titus Justius is a Roman name. “A worshipper of God” indicates he was a Gentile God-fearer in the synagogue, who has come to faith in Christ – so not all in that synagogue rejected the message. He lives right next to the synagogue itself.

V8:  Indeed, another man has come to faith, as has his whole household, described as one who had been a ” ruler of the synagogue”, Crispus ( despite his Roman name, he must have been a Jew to hold this office – but many had both a Jewish and Roman or Greek name at this time – not least Saul/Paul himself.) Many others – presumably among the Gentiles to whom Paul has now gone, –  are now converted through his ministry. As always in those early days they are soon baptised, witnessing to their faith.

V9-11:  We learn how God has come to Paul in a vision, encouraging him to stay at Corinth and preach there, despite opposition, for the Lord has ” many in the city” who are His chosen people, and He will curb the hostility against Paul, that his ministry may continue. God is always Sovereign, and we can not automatically transfer the detail of this promise to every situation, but we are to continue to proclaim Christ! So Paul stays  another 18 months, teaching God’s Word – surely, both teaching and building up the believers and preaching to those not yet saved, as God’s grace is at work.