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Don’s Daily Devotions

Join us as we read the scriptures and a daily devotion written by Don Crisp. We pray these messages will bless us all at this time.

Starting on Monday 6th April, we will be sharing daily devotional readings, prepared for us by Don Crisp. Don will be leading us through the Gospel of John, starting this Easter time with John 13. He then moves into Paul’s Letter to the Philippians.


Acts chapter 17 v 5-9:

Acts chapter 17 v 5-9: V5:  The unbelieving Jews – probably the synagogue rulers – are jealous and stir up a mob – there are always those ripe for trouble in any age and culture, and soon the whole city is in an uproar. They attack the home of a man named Jason, where Paul…


Acts chapter 17 v1-4:

Acts chapter 17 v1-4: V1:  Paul and his team continue to move through Macedonia, until they come to the major city of Thessalonica, where there is a Jewish synagogue. V2-3:  So, Paul goes into the synagogue, and for 3 successive Sabbath days reasons from the OT, how it points to Jesus, foretelling His sufferings and death,…


Matthew chapter 2 v 1-12:

Saturday December 26th.  Read Matthew chapter 2 v 1-12: After yesterday’s profound verses, we may feel we return to the more homely account of the visit of the Wise Men ( the Magi ) to the One revealed to them as the new-born “King of the Jews”. But we must not let seeming familiarity, and impressions…


John chapter 1 v 1-5, 9-14:

Christmas Day – Friday December 25th.   Read John chapter 1 v 1-5, 9-14: Here is the Christmas event set in its eternal context. The full wonder of Who was born so humbly as a human child is declared. He is ” The Word” ” – the living Word of God, the One Who is truly the…


Luke chapter 2 v25-32:

Thursday December 24th.  Read Luke chapter 2 v25-32: Let us jump ahead a little. Mary and Joseph, as all faithful Jewish parents would do, in accordance with the OT Law in Leviticus ch 12, bring the child to Jerusalem to present Him in the temple, and offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving. Their sacrifice of turtledoves identifies them…


Luke chapter 2 v 8-20:

:  Wednesday December 23rd.  Read Luke chapter 2 v 8-20: Again, how familiar the story is – again, how amazing is what it tells us!  Shepherds, considered to be, in those days, among the dregs of society, looked on with suspicion and scorn, regarded almost as ” unclean “, are the first to be told…


Luke chapter 2 v 1-7:

Tuesday December 22nd.  Read Luke chapter 2 v 1-7: Luke, the careful historian, here sets the birth of Jesus firmly in its historic context. Caesar Augustus, the Emperor commands a census to register all in the Roman world ( no doubt for taxation purposes ) and everyone must go to their town of origin to…


Matthew chapter 1 v18-25:

Monday December 21st.   Read Matthew chapter 1 v18-25: What must it have been like for Joseph to discover that Mary, his bride to be, was pregnant? What could he think, but that she had been unfaithful to him, for though not yet actually married, betrothal was as binding as if they were – so, he…


Luke chapter 1 v 46-55:

Saturday December 19th:  Read Luke chapter 1 v 46-55: Here is Mary’s wonderful song of praise  and rejoicing in God, traditionally called the Magnificat. We must not let the unbiblical teaching the Roman Catholic church builds upon these verses make us fail to realise their real truth, or regard them as we should! Mary’s praise…


Luke chapter 1 v 39-45:

Friday December 18th:  read Luke chapter 1 v 39-45: Mary- clearly already pregnant – goes to visit her relative Elizabeth, who is herself carrying in her womb the child who will become John the baptist, whose task will be to prepare for and point to Jesus ( e.g. Matthew 3 v1-3, 11.) We are told that…