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Don’s Daily Devotions

Join us as we read the scriptures and a daily devotion written by Don Crisp. We pray these messages will bless us all at this time.

Sat 11th July – Read James 5:17-20

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Sat 11th July  –  Read James 5:17-20

V17-18:  James offers the example of Elijah – though greatly used by God we are reminded that he was ” a man just like us”, as the NIV helpfully puts it – he prayed ( surely as taught by God ) that Israel, under judgement, would suffer drought for three and a half years, and so it was. Then he prayed again that God would send rain to restore the earth, God’s mercy after Israel repented. ( See 1 Kings 18 and 19.) We should value his example and seek such a spirit of prayer ( but not pray specifically in the terms he did – we are not prophets in God’s hand.)

V19-20:  We should all have a spiritual concern for one another, and should seek graciously and gently to lead a fellow believer we see to be sinning away from their error and restore them to the truth. ( Compare Galatians 6:1.) We of course do not ” save” them, or ” cover their sins”, this is the work of Christ alone, but I take the point to be that our concern for such a one and for their spiritual welfare should be as deep as if we were able to save them – in other words, it should be like the Saviours own love.