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Don’s Daily Devotions

Join us as we read the scriptures and a daily devotion written by Don Crisp. We pray these messages will bless us all at this time.

Starting on Monday 6th April, we will be sharing daily devotional readings, prepared for us by Don Crisp. Don will be leading us through the Gospel of John, starting this Easter time with John 13. He then moves into Paul’s Letter to the Philippians.


Sat 22nd August – 2 Kings chapter 2:16-18:

Sat 22nd August           Read 2 Kings chapter 2:16-18: V16:  Yet they show how little they understand what has happened, asking to be allowed to go and search for Elijah – with the rather bizarre idea that God’s Spirit has caught him up only to deposit him somewhere else. Clearly, they had…


Fri 21st August 2 Kings chapter 2:13-15:

Fri 21st August       Read 2  Kings chapter 2:13-15: V13:  Elisha takes up Elijah’s cloak – the symbol of the prophetic office, remember – which had fallen from his shoulders. He has seen, he has the cloak, God has endorsed his call and the role he now has, and he returns to the Jordan….


Thurs 20th August – 2 Kings chapter 2:11-12:

Thurs 20th August  –  Read 2 Kings chapter 2:11-12: V11:  A remarkable and unique work of God’s sovereign grace and will is described, in so far as our minds can conceive it – chariots and horses of fire appear, and Elijah is taken up in a whirlwind to heaven. We can do no more than wonder at this,…


Wed 19th August – 2 Kings chapter 2:9-10:

Wed 19th August     –   Read 2 Kings chapter 2:9-10: V9:  On the other side of Jordan, Elijah asks Elisha what request he would make of him, before he is taken away. Surely, this is to probe what Elisha most feels he needs for the work he is now called to. His response is a recognition…


Tues 18th August – 2 Kings chapter 2:7-8

Tues 18th August – Read 2 Kings chapter 2:7-8: V7: The sons of the prophets follow them at a distance, to see what will take place. At times there are those who are privileged to be present when God works in a remarkable way. Who knows how what these men were about to witness, though…


Mon 17th August – 2 Kings chapter 2:4-6:

Mon 17th August –  Read 2 Kings chapter 2:4-6: V4:  The previous process is repeated, and in this the test of Elisha’s steadfastness and commitment continues. He remains resolute in holding to what God, it seems, has revealed to him, an example to us all. So, they continue together from Bethel to Jericho. V5:  Another company…


Sat 15th August – 2 Kings chapter 2:1-3:

Sat 15th August  –  Read 2 Kings chapter 2:1-3: V1:  We come to the last scene in Elijah’s earthly life and ministry. Here is the remarkable revelation of God’s Sovereign purpose to take Elijah directly to heaven. Only he and Enoch in all Scripture have such a departure from this world to the next, though…


Fri 14th August – 2 Kings chapter 2:16-17:

Fri 14th August  –  Read 2 Kings chapter 2:16-17: V16:  Coming to the king, Elijah repeats what he sent back to him from the Lord, back in v.6, a rebuke for his denying the Lord and seeking after a false god, and a stark declaration that he will not recover, but die on the sick-bed…


Thurs 13th August – 2 Kings chapter 2:13-15:

Thurs  13th August       –    2 Kings chapter 2:13-15: V13:  The king, stubborn and unmoved in his rebellion against God as so many are, sends yet another cohort and their captain. This man, however, humbly begs for his life and those of his men. Clearly, he sees things very differently from the previous 2…


Wed 12th August – 2 Kings chapter 1:9-12:

Wed 12th August  –  Read 2 Kings chapter 1:9-12: V9:  The king sends a strong force of 50  men with their captain to bring Elijah to him – in effect, to arrest him. The captain calls him ” a man of God”, but clearly has no real regard for either Elijah or his God, it…