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Don’s Daily Devotions

Join us as we read the scriptures and a daily devotion written by Don Crisp. We pray these messages will bless us all at this time.

Starting on Monday 6th April, we will be sharing daily devotional readings, prepared for us by Don Crisp. Don will be leading us through the Gospel of John, starting this Easter time with John 13. He then moves into Paul’s Letter to the Philippians.


Sat 18th July – Read I Kings 18:1-4

Sat 18th July       –        Read I Kings 18:1-4 V1  In the third year of drought ( 3 and a half years in total according to James 5:17) when Elijah has stayed with the widow and her son for “many days”, ( what must the conversations in that house have been like…


Fri 17th July – Read 1 Kings 17:21-24

Fri 17th July   –    Read 1 Kings 17:21-24 V21-22:  And surely God reveals to him what he now does – perhaps with a new dawning faith in his own heart. Often it is as faith “ventures” that the Lord meets it with His answer – but we must never presume! Again sceptics suggest that…


Thurs 16th July – Read 1 Kings 17:17-20

Thurs 16th July    –   Read 1 Kings 17:17-20 V17:  But we still live in a broken world, and God still tests our faith, that it may be proved strong and mature us as His people ( see James 1:2-4.) Now a great trial of faith comes to this widow, and indeed to Elijah (…


Wed 15th July – Read 1 Kings 17:12-16

Wed 15th July   –   Read 1 Kings 17:12-16 V12:  There is some way in which she identifies him as a man of God – “As the Lord YOUR God lives” suggests there is also some awareness that the God of Israel is the living God – has grace already begun to work in her heart? ( Compare…


Tues 14th July – Read 1 Kings 17:8-11

Tues 14th July   –    Read 1 Kings 17:8-11 V8-9:  Again, God’s Word “came to Elijah” – this remember is before the written Scriptures, the days of direct revelation to God’s chosen servants – we must not expect such today – we have the whole Bible – and should be very wary of any who claim ”…


Mon 13th July – The life and ministry of Elijah

Mon 13th July  –   The life and ministry of Elijah      1 Kings 17, 18 Introduction:  We now look at the Bible record of that great OT servant of God, Elijah. The narrative is such that the chapters don’t easily lend themselves to the exact weekly divisions of our previous books, so will at times…


Sat 11th July – Read James 5:17-20

Sat 11th July  –  Read James 5:17-20 V17-18:  James offers the example of Elijah – though greatly used by God we are reminded that he was ” a man just like us”, as the NIV helpfully puts it – he prayed ( surely as taught by God ) that Israel, under judgement, would suffer drought…


Fri 10th July – Read James 5:13-16

Fri 10th July   –   Read James 5:13-16 V13:  What should we do in times of suffering?  Bring it to the Lord in prayer!  What should we do in times of joy? Bring it to the Lord in thankful praise! V14:  Sick believers are exhorted to call the Elders of their church to come to them and pray,…


Thurs 9th July – James 5:10-12

Thurs 9th July  –  Read James 5:10-12 V10:  Once more, he offers examples of believers who were patient under trials. referring first to the prophets generally. The OT reveals how many of them did indeed suffer for their faith and obedience, and Hebrews 11 offers a kind of summary. We too need to look to good examples,…


Wed 8th July – Read James 5:7-9

Wed 8th July – Read James 5:7-9 V7-8: He calls his readers to be patient – by implication, under trials and testings – really, a focus of the whole letter. We too should be patient in trials, looking to God and to the Lord’s return and the future and eternal vindication of all His people….