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Our Junior Church kids love making things. So, as none of us can get out much for a while, we are sending them crafts to do at home. We love it when the children then send in photos of what they have made. Enjoy making!

FlipFlop Fridge Magnet Craft

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That’s quite a mouthful of words, isn’t it? A flipflop fridge magnet craft! Here are the instructions and a photo to show you what it could look like:

Flip flop fridge magnet instructions
1. Take the card base and the page of atlas and use the card as template, drawing round it so that you have the same shape on the page of atlas.
2. Cut out the template on the atlas page.
3. Glue the atlas to the card
4. Take the piece of coloured card and write the memory verse on it   – Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  Psalms 119 v 105
5. Stick the verse to where your heel would go in the flip flop
6. Take the two pipe cleaners and feed one through each slide hole in the card making a hole in the atlas, then stick tape on the reverse of the card to hold the end of the pipe cleaner in place.
7. Bring the two pipe cleaners together twisting them and feeding them through the hole in the middle of the flipflop towards the front.
8. Then tape the pipe cleaner on the reverse of the card and cut off the excess pipe cleaner.
9. Take the magnet, peeling off the double sided tape and stick it on the back of the flipflop.
10. Put it on a metal surface and remember the verse.