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Our Junior Church kids love making things. So, as none of us can get out much for a while, we are sending them crafts to do at home. We love it when the children then send in photos of what they have made. Enjoy making!

Paper Flowers Craft

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We hope you enjoy making the craft this week. It is a bit more complex, and you may need to ask for some help. But please do send us some pictures or video to show us how you got on.



Flower Craft Instructions

1. Put your four square pieces of paper (the same size as each other) together in a pile.

2. Make a fold along one side about 1 to 1 1/2 cms wide (this acts as a guide for folding each sheet, then separate the pieces of paper.


3. Carry on make the folds across the sheet, each time folding the paper back on itself to make a concertina pattern. Once you have reached the end of the paper fold the concertina paper in half.


4.  Then glue the two inside folds of each of the to each other so it makes a quarter circle fan. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for each of the other 3 paper squares.  

5. Decide on the shape of the petals – it could be a quarter round shape or a sharper pointy petal like in the picture.  Cut the end of each of the concertina shape to that pattern – this is a bit hard as you have to cut through all the folds of paper.

6. Once you have done that glue one of the outside folds of one of you concertina paper to one of the other ones -making sure the folder ends are both touching.  Then glue the next one and add it to the stack and add the final one.

7. Once it is dry gently fan out the paper so that it makes a circular shape. Take you pipe cleaners (now called giant stems) and twist them together and feed the end of the pipe cleaners through the holes in your button. Put lots of glue the last two outside folds, and the folded middle bit. Then place the button end of your giant stem through the middle of the centre and glue the outside folds of the paper around the steam and to each other.  Wait until it drys.


8. Cut out the 3 pair of leaves and write the memory verse on them – leaf 1 ‘Unto you’, leaf 2 ‘O God’, leaf 3 ‘do we’, leaf 4 ‘give thanks.’ Leaf 5 ‘Psalms’, leaf 6 ‘75v1’. Glue the leaves to one of each of the giant stems.