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Our Junior Church kids love making things. So, as none of us can get out much for a while, we are sending them crafts to do at home. We love it when the children then send in photos of what they have made. Enjoy making!

Windmill Craft

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We hope using this windmill will remind you of this week’s verse: “Remember your creator in the days of your youth”. Here are the instructions and some pictures to help. Enjoy!

Windmill instructions
1. Carefully cut out the three templates – 2x blades and 1x circle.  Best to add any decoration at this stage, and of course the memory verse for this week – Remember your creator in the days of your youth.  Ecclesiastes 12v1 , but keep the decoration away from the centre of the templates.

2. Take the two blade templates. Position them so that the blades of the first template are nested between those of the second one. Glue the template pieces together at the centre.

3. Glue the first tip of a blade into the centre of the wheel. Without creasing the paper, bring one of the six tips towards the centre and glue it in place.

4. Then work your way round gluing each of the other tips into the centre and than glue your circle on top of them, in the centre.

5.  Put a drawing pin through the centre, a feed a bead on to the back and stick it into pencil which has an eraser on the end.

Click Here to download the Templates.