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Our Junior Church kids love making things. So, as none of us can get out much for a while, we are sending them crafts to do at home. We love it when the children then send in photos of what they have made. Enjoy making!

Windsock Craft

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This is a good sunny day craft…with a bit of wind. Click on the picture below to print off the image, then follow the instructions. Then run!!!

Windsock 1 Windsock 2


  1. Print off the image, and ideally Laminate the sheet and punch three holes across the top
  2. Using permanent pens, eg Sharpies, colour in the laminated sheet
  3. Using Sellotape, attach tails (made from tissue or crepe paper) evenly across the bottom of the rear of the picture, on its longest length.
  4. Using double sided sticky tape, bend the sheet, overlapping the short sides to create a cylinder.
  5. Attach string to the three punched holes, and attach other end of strings to a stick.
  6. Please please please do not get the tissue paper wet….you will regret it!
  7. Now add wind or run very quickly
  8. Take a photo or video of you all having lots of fun



Terms and Conditions

Please note that this is just a toy, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the Windsock to show wind direction. Please do not depend solely on this Windsock when landing commercial or domestic aircraft. The designers of this Windsock cannot be held liable for any passing wind.