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Cut Out and Stick Craft

This week is a match and stick craft. You need to read through the verses, cut them out, then choose the right picture to stick them to. Enjoy!



Bookmark Craft

This week, as we tie in with the Memory Verse “P”, Jenny has sent you a bookmark to print off and make. When done, why not put it into whatever book you are reading at the minute, to remind you every day about who Jesus really is.



Popcorn done

Popcorn Craft

Popcorn Craft

“O taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8

Instructions for making popcorn

(to be supervised by an adult)

1. Get a big pan with a tight fitting lid. Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

2. Put the pan on the cooker and heat the oil until very hot (just before smokey)

3. Add popcorn kernels, put lid on and shake the pan.

4. Return to the heat, giving the pan a little shake every 30 seconds or so.

5. The kernels will start to pop (be patient). Once they start popping keep the lid on and keep shaking every 30 seconds, returning to the heat until the popping has slowed to a stop.

6. Remove the pan from the heat, add the popcorn to a bowl, sprinkle with sugar, salt, or melt a little butter and sugar together to drizzle over the popcorn.

Popcorn video
Colour balloon

Hot Air Balloon Craft

Hot air balloon craft

1. Cut out five balloon shaped templates-two with the verse on and three plain.
2. Colour in / decorate one side of the cutouts
3. Fold cutout’s in half lengthways (along the line of symmetry) so the coloured inside is in the fold.
4. Glue (Pritstick should do) one folded half of one cutout(the outside of the fold), and stick it to the next half folded cutout. Repeat until you have a stack of five half balloons.
5. Stick the top of the stack of half balloons to the bottom half ballon after running your string down the centre spine of the stack of balloons. Leave to dry and then arrange into a 3D balloon shape.
6. Cut out the basket template,fold along the fold lines and glue the tabs.
7. Attach you basket to string dangling from the balloon with blue tack,chewing gum, or any other sticky thing you find lying around.

As with all previous airborne crafts, we cannot take responsibility for any accidents that may occur during flight. Please ensure you have all necessary licences before attempting to fly your hot air balloon.

Colour balloon


Loaf of Bread

Cut out your loaf of bread, the cross, and the banner with this week’s verse on. Colour it all in, give your loaf of bread a happy face, then stick on the cross and banner. Next time you have toast or a lovely sandwich, hopefully you will be reminded of this wonderful verse.

Click on the Loaf of Bread below to print off your own copy. Then go get baking!



Craft with a Heart

Time to show a bit of love. Here is a craft to cut out and keep, or even give it to someone you love.

Click HERE to download the TEMPLATE.

Here is how to do it:

  • Fold your card, so the heart is on the front.
  • Cut along the line to cut the heart into two.
  • Colour in the heart, then flip. Open each side and draw the things you love on the inside page.
  • When you’ve finished, you might like to stand the card up by your bed to remind you to love God with all your heart,
    soul and strength, and to thank God for all the things he has sent for you to love!

Coloured snake

Snake Craft

Who doesn’t like a snake? Well, now is your chance to make one! So, click on the picture below, and then print off the template. Why don’t you colour it in and stick  things on to it….make it a bright and colourful snake.

Then, get a responsible adult to help you cut out the snake, before either balancing it on a stick, or hanging it on string. Your choice!

Did you know that in the Bible, Moses lifted up a snake on a pole one day, because the people had sinned and needed healing? All they had to do was to obey his command to look at the snake so they could live. This reminds us that one day Jesus was lifted up on a cross, so that we could look to Jesus and accept Him and be saved.

Coloured snake

Windsock 1

Windsock Craft

This is a good sunny day craft…with a bit of wind. Click on the picture below to print off the image, then follow the instructions. Then run!!!

Windsock 1 Windsock 2


  1. Print off the image, and ideally Laminate the sheet and punch three holes across the top
  2. Using permanent pens, eg Sharpies, colour in the laminated sheet
  3. Using Sellotape, attach tails (made from tissue or crepe paper) evenly across the bottom of the rear of the picture, on its longest length.
  4. Using double sided sticky tape, bend the sheet, overlapping the short sides to create a cylinder.
  5. Attach string to the three punched holes, and attach other end of strings to a stick.
  6. Please please please do not get the tissue paper wet….you will regret it!
  7. Now add wind or run very quickly
  8. Take a photo or video of you all having lots of fun



Terms and Conditions

Please note that this is just a toy, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the Windsock to show wind direction. Please do not depend solely on this Windsock when landing commercial or domestic aircraft. The designers of this Windsock cannot be held liable for any passing wind.

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One Way Craft

Here is a craft to help remind you that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Click on the picture to print off and colour in.

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Craft for Sunday 10th May finished

God shows His love Craft

Here is a craft to help you remember a great verse, that God shows us His love. Colour in, cut out and stick together. And remember: send us pictures of what you have done!

Craft for Sunday 10th May finished