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Harvest All-Age Service

Our next All Age Service will be held on Sunday 25th September, at 10.30am. Our theme this month will Harvest.

We will take the opportunity to remember the work of the Zimbabwe Partnership Trust, and in particular their ‘Seeds in Zimbabwe’ initiative. For more details about their work, have a look at their website:

Please join us, and stay for tea and coffee after the service.

Harvest leaflet


Summer All-Age Service & Picnic

We are holding our Summer All-Age Service on Sunday 26th June, starting at 10.30am. It is going to be a service for all the family, with something for everyone. And then, assuming the weather is kind (??), we will go to the park for a Picnic (please remember to bring your own packed lunch).

So make a date in your diary.

Sunday 26th June @ 10.30, followed by Picnic!

We look forward to welcoming you.

Download our leaflet here.

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Holiday Club 2016

Champions Challenge!

Its that time again…Holiday Club at Grace!

holiday club image

Our ‘Champions Challenge’ Holiday Bible Club runs this half term on Tuesday 31st May – 3rd June

Four mornings of free fun during spring half-term, for kids from reception through to year 6.


It’s happening at the Grace Centre on the corner of Market St and Princes Street.


It’s every morning from 9.45am – 12.15pm. It finishes with a family session on Friday evening at 6.15pm – 7pm.


Children from reception to yr 6 are invited to a fun packed morning of stories, games, and craft.


Through the week we’ll be finding out about Jesus through a sports theme – Jesus is our trainer, our physio, our substitute and our champion.

Other details:

  • Places do not need to be booked in advance.
  • Children need to have forms completed and signed by parents/guardians for the first morning they attend. This form can be downloaded from our website, here:
    Download Registration Forms
  • The week is free!
  • If you have any questions, you can send an email through our website, or call the church to speak to Pastor Stuart on 01704 531751.

A5 Holiday Club leaflet 2016

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Easter at Grace

Welcome to Easter at Grace.

Come along and join us for our many Easter activities:

Sunday 20th March 10.30am: Palm Sunday Service

Morning Service, with hymns new and traditional, with Crèche and Sunday School.

Friday 25th March 11.00am: Good Friday Service

An all-age service, to consider how the death of Jesus Christ is God’s loving way to rescue us.


Saturday 26th March 7.45pm: Special Event:

Stabbed Whilst Teaching! Vincent Uzomah re-lives the day when a 14 year old boy stabbed him whilst teaching. He lived to tell the tale. Hear how his faith helped him to forgive.

Sunday 27th March

10.30am: Easter Sunday Morning Service A service to remember and rejoice in Jesus, risen from the dead.

6.15pm: Easter Sunday Evening Service

8.15pm: Bhasker Rao prepared the poison intending to take his life, when God answered his prayer and met with him. Hear his remarkable story.


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Christmas at Grace 2015

We welcome you to Christmas at Grace!

We are holding three main services during this years’ festive season.

Family Carol Service

Sunday 20 December, 10.30am

Including songs & readings from the children.

Followed by mince pies and hot drink.

Traditional Carol Service

Sunday 20 December, 6.15pm

With carols (old & new) & Bible readings from the Christmas story.

Mince pies & hot drinks.

Christmas Morning Service

Christmas Day, 11.00am

A short all-age service to thank God for his kindness to us.


Please do join us at any or all of our services, as we remember the sending of God’s only Son, who ‘dwelt among us’. For more details about our services, or about our church, send us a message here, or telephone 01704-531751.

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Creation Ministries

We welcome back Creation Ministries International, who are hosting an evening entitled, “Proclaiming Creation in a Scientific Age”. Join us at 7.00pm on Friday 27th November, to hear CMI speaker Dominic Statham as he considers questions, such as:

  • Why is there death and suffering?
  • What about the Big Bang?
  • Surely Noah and the Ark aren’t historical?

For more details, call Paul on 07714-219842.

To save or print a copy of the leaflet, click here: Proclaiming Creation A4 poster 2 talks Dominic Statham (002)


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Arequipa News – November 2015

At that time Jesus said, I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants.

(Matt 11:25. NASV).


Jesus knew what it was like to have his words and works rejected by men. The people in the surrounding villages of Chorazin and Bethsaida had seen his miracles and heard his teaching, but did not repent.

However, the disappointment and rejection did not for a moment dampen or interrupt joyful communion with his Father. Of course we are not so perfectly wired to the Divine nature to be able to live in interrupted joy, but it does give us a window into how the Sovereignty of God in the human life of Jesus was so beautifully expressed.

I have never climbed Misti, the volcano that dominates the skyline here in Arequipa, but I do want to climb to a higher position of praise and joy through the calm assurance of the Sovereignty of God. If we can look and view life from that position, where Jesus was, then we shall know the peace of God which passes all understanding. Praise him in the storm!




Just recently we have had a couple of Baptisms. Firstly Ronny´s son Samuel, and then Clara the mother of Eddy (more about her later) who has been attending for some years. Eddy and Clara do all the cooking for the special services we hold. Pray also for her partner Herman who has requested baptismal classes.

Samuel, currently studying civil engineering, plays the guitar in church. At some point in the future he wishes to study Theology. A Christian couple, Jerry and Charo, who are new to the area, have recently joined us and seem keen to settle. It would appear that they have come from a church strongly influenced by the health and prosperity aberration. Encouragingly they are both increasingly convinced over the doctrines of Grace, and so our desire is that they will settle well and serve the Lord alongside us in the church. They have asked for more one to one Bible studies, which I hope to start soon on Saturday afternoons.

AN01Nov15 AN02Nov15

Another couple, Luis and Marianna have also requested both baptismal and marriage classes. Pray that we may wisely discern their current spiritual state, as we seek to explore their level of Bible knowledge and their experience of God’s grace in their lives. Transparency and openness are not so readily forthcoming in this culture.

Recently all the legal wrangling over the change of land use for the whole estate, in which the church building is located, was finally settled. This dispute has been going on for nearly ten years, but our lawyer is now in the process of finalizing the paperwork for the Title Deeds to the church. The biblical admonition to wait on the Lord must have been prophetic with Peruvian culture in mind!

A little while ago I was praying and fasting over a matter for a number of months, when suddenly while I was driving somewhere, I knew I had to cease from fasting. There is now no point; the prayer has been received and answered. It is in the post; wait for it, it’s on the way! That one experience blew away the storm and the dark clouds of unbelief. I’ve climbed a better mountain than Misti, and the view is much better and longer lasting!


AN03Nov15 AN04Nov15

We continue to sow the seed of God’s word from Lucresia’s home. From there we run a children’s club on Thursday afternoon, and a family breakfast on Saturday mornings. Lucresia gets up at 4.00 am to prepare the breakfast, and to rouse her neighbours! It also provides some income for her and her husband; they often struggle to put food on the table. Joachin, her husband, has recently been out of work, so the support she receives goes some way to alleviate those times of hardship.

The Saturday morning breakfasts mean we are reaching more people, and they are certainly more attentive to the preaching at that time of the morning. We have different folk coming each week, the only thing lacking is the spiritual harvest! We expectantly wait on the Lord that soon we will see conversions, so please keep praying.

Often we are called upon to support families practically. Recently two of our ladies gave birth in the same week, so we were able to buy some clothes for both of the new babies!

Pray for Dina, a lady who has been abandoned by her husband. She has three young children, and has often to leave her home in order to find work. Her children come to the meetings dishevelled as they are often left alone. Pray the Lord will be merciful and gracious to many such families in the area. There is no debate here about welfare cuts; those words aren’t even in the dictionary here!

San Pedro


Ronny and Rocio continue with the children’s club on a Saturday afternoon and the Bible Study on Thursday afternoon.

We have recently agreed to support Eddy, a qualified teacher and worker with the children, to start reading and writing classes with some of the elderly.. Many of the older folk have never received an education, so the purpose of such classes is to enable them, as far as they can go, to read God’s word for themselves.

Tomasa, our eldest member and one of the first converts in the area, is a stand out student! Roxy became concerned that we were not doing anything for those members who cannot read. Pray that this new initiative will be blessed by the Lord and that He will grant them the ability to remember and learn more of God’s word.

Comings and goings

We have had a few visitors this year. First we had Daryl and Julia Jones from Grace Baptist Mission, and then a young couple, Michael and Stacey Sutton from our home church in Southport.

The one thing we have here is clear skies almost all the year round, allowing one to observe the course of the moon every day. Recently, whilst out walking the dog, we had the marvellous sight of a blood red moon.


It really was a most glorious sight, causing us to contemplate our most Glorious Lord. The changing light and hue made for a spectacular sight, bringing many outside with their cameras! Our young visitors certainly had an interesting first day with us! I am sure that there in the UK you had the usual spectacular sight of clouds!

Recently Melissa had a school outing to Columbia, the first time she had been away from us for more than two days; so ten days seemed like a loooong time! Next year will be her last year at school, and then on to University. Her desire at the moment is to be a veterinary surgeon. I wanted to her to be a chef, but she sussed me out on that one, and quickly declined the suggestion!

We hope soon to renew fellowship with many of you soon, as we plan to be in the UK for two months, beginning late December. Thank you all again for your continued prayers and fellowship in the Gospel.

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Holiday at Home 2015

holiday at home small image

When is it?

Tuesday 18th – Thursday 20th August 2015

What is it?

Many do not have as much opportunity for holidays away, but we can enjoy being together as God’s people. Holiday at Home is open to all over 60s connected to the church in any way and it is an opportunity to fellowship together informally, share our faith, have fun & eat well.

What happens?

First 2 days of activities in the church with guest speakers, quizzes, singing, games/activities, devotional times.

Beginning at 10.30 for coffee & biscuits. A hot lunch is provided

Tea & cake at the end, finishing at 3.30

Special Guests: John and Marion McDonald

Where does it happen?

1st two days, all the activities are in the main church building so that it is all access friendly for the older folks.

3rd day out – Coach trip to Erdigg, the National Trust property near Wrexham in North Wales.

Thursday Outing to Erdigg

3rd day is a coach outing to a local attraction, including those in wheelchairs. Help provided by the younger, fitter ones.

Erdigg tells the story of a gentry family’s relationship with its servants (as it would have been in the days of the Empire and the Raj). It has a 1200 acre landscape park and gardens.

Cost: £15, including coach and entrance fee (reduced to £6.00 for National Trust Members).

There is a restaurant, cafe and tea room, plus picnic areas for those wishing to bring their own lunch.

Depart Eastbank Square 10.00am
Arrive Back Southport: 6.00pm approx.

Holiday at Home Registration

Click here to view more details about Erdigg.

Click here to see some photos of previous years.

V2 holiday club 2015

Holiday Club 2015

Its that time again…Holiday Club at Grace!holiday club image

This year, we’re going Pyramid Rock, so pack your rucksack, splash on your sun cream, and come along to join our adventure.

Four mornings of free fun during spring half-term, for kids from reception through to year 6.

When is it?

May Half Term – this year Tuesday 26th – Friday 29th May 2013: 9.45am – 12.15pm

Who are we?

Holiday Bible Club is free and takes place every year during the May half term holiday and is run by church members.

What happens?

Holiday Club is for all children of primary school age. We begin together each day for a quiz and some singing, then split into 3 age groups. The children move round 3 rooms through the course of the morning, participating in games, crafts, Bible stories, drama, singing and quizzes. The club is brought to a conclusion on Friday evening with a Parent’s Night – an opportunity for family members to come along and see what the children have been up to during the week.


Holiday Bible Club takes place in the Grace Centre.

Other details:

Its free!

For more information, call our office on 01704-531751.

Do you dare to join us?

V2 holiday club 2015


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Men’s Conference 2015

Equipping Men to Reach Men with Unbelievable Good News

We are living in a secularised, globalised, multicultural world, with many believing in no “truth” except what seems right to themselves. Others doubt the relevance of any religious faith, and often question the rights of those who do believe the Christian gospel to impose their views on anyone else. Belief in Jesus is often seen as one option among many.

If you are struggling to share your faith, you are not alone. At a time when neighbours and colleagues know less and less about the good news of Jesus Christ we feel less able to communicate with them. We are “not clever enough”, or we are embarrassed or we fear being re- jected (even litigation)! Maybe it is best to stay silent!

You are invited to join like minded men to explore some of the ways in which we might engage with friends, in a way that connects with them where they are at.

Sat 28th February, 10am

The Lounge, Southport Football Club, Haig Avenue, Southport

Speaker: Antony Billington, Head of Theology at the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity

Start with coffee at 10.00
Session One: Listening Carefully – Making Connections, Handling Questions
More coffee!
Session Two: Engaging Confidently – Using Strategies, Communicating Consequences Question time

Attendance is free!

The coffee is free!

You will be free to ask questions.

Anyone can come.

See you there!

For more details, call Pastor Stuart Harding, or use the contact page here.

Grace Baptist Church, Southport