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V2 holiday club 2015

Holiday Club 2015

Its that time again…Holiday Club at Grace!holiday club image

This year, we’re going Pyramid Rock, so pack your rucksack, splash on your sun cream, and come along to join our adventure.

Four mornings of free fun during spring half-term, for kids from reception through to year 6.

When is it?

May Half Term – this year Tuesday 26th – Friday 29th May 2013: 9.45am – 12.15pm

Who are we?

Holiday Bible Club is free and takes place every year during the May half term holiday and is run by church members.

What happens?

Holiday Club is for all children of primary school age. We begin together each day for a quiz and some singing, then split into 3 age groups. The children move round 3 rooms through the course of the morning, participating in games, crafts, Bible stories, drama, singing and quizzes. The club is brought to a conclusion on Friday evening with a Parent’s Night – an opportunity for family members to come along and see what the children have been up to during the week.


Holiday Bible Club takes place in the Grace Centre.

Other details:

Its free!

For more information, call our office on 01704-531751.

Do you dare to join us?

V2 holiday club 2015


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Men’s Conference 2015

Equipping Men to Reach Men with Unbelievable Good News

We are living in a secularised, globalised, multicultural world, with many believing in no “truth” except what seems right to themselves. Others doubt the relevance of any religious faith, and often question the rights of those who do believe the Christian gospel to impose their views on anyone else. Belief in Jesus is often seen as one option among many.

If you are struggling to share your faith, you are not alone. At a time when neighbours and colleagues know less and less about the good news of Jesus Christ we feel less able to communicate with them. We are “not clever enough”, or we are embarrassed or we fear being re- jected (even litigation)! Maybe it is best to stay silent!

You are invited to join like minded men to explore some of the ways in which we might engage with friends, in a way that connects with them where they are at.

Sat 28th February, 10am

The Lounge, Southport Football Club, Haig Avenue, Southport

Speaker: Antony Billington, Head of Theology at the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity

Start with coffee at 10.00
Session One: Listening Carefully – Making Connections, Handling Questions
More coffee!
Session Two: Engaging Confidently – Using Strategies, Communicating Consequences Question time

Attendance is free!

The coffee is free!

You will be free to ask questions.

Anyone can come.

See you there!

For more details, call Pastor Stuart Harding, or use the contact page here.

Grace Baptist Church, Southport

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Arequipa News – January 2015

“I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (1809-1894)

Is anything too difficult for the Lord? At the appointed time I will return to you, at this time next year, and Sarah will have a son.”

(Genesis 18:14)

After years of waiting, by Abraham and Sarah for the promised son the Lord spoke into a situation of barrenness and fading hope, God, in His own appointed time determined when Isaac would be born. The appointed time in Hebrew is: “the time of life”. Sarah’s womb and Abraham’s body were considered as dead. The birth of Isaac was of the Lord’s visitation, “the time of life”. The church often seems to be in a condition of barrenness and sterility, but could this year be the “time of life”, the year of the Lord’s visitation, the time when the church will blossom and sprout, and fill its community with fruit? As we wait the Lord’s time may we be enabled to sail, and not drift, or lie at anchor! May our waiting be with patience and trust!


pic001 pic002pic003

Last year we introduced some changes to the structure of our meetings. We started our Saturday mornings at 6.30am and with breakfast. We found that the folks were more alert and attentive to the ministry of the word after a warm breakfast, and at this early part of the day, before they go off to work. We will review things as the year progresses, but we seek to be effective in our outreach, as the Lord leads.

We had a number of new families come to camp this year, so we continue to have growing and meaningful contacts in the community. May there be a “time of life” for some this year. We did have the joy of seeing one of the children make a meaningful and definite step to seek the Lord. A young girl called Soledad, stayed behind after all the other children had left the children’s club and shared her desire to receive Christ as her Saviour. As we talked and prayed with her it was notable to see the joy on her face after I prayed. Please pray that she will grow in faith, and that her parents will not oppose or hinder the work of God.

Many of the children are not allowed to come to the children’s club after they have received confirmation in the Catholic church. However “He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep” and He, the Good Shepherd, will care for His own. Pray that the Lord will grant us wisdom this year regarding all aspects of ministry in this needy township.

San Pedro

Ronny and Rocio lead the children’s meeting here, but last year was particularly frustrating for them as the community centre is now used frequently for various functions, where drinking to excess is the norm. The atmosphere in the place has become unfavourable, so they need to find a place they can rent, where they can have meetings without interruption. Pray that the Lord will provide such a place and soon.

Maybe the time has come for us to bring together the believers who live here, so that they can meet regularly at the weekend, within their own community. We have bussed them into Simon Bolivar on Sundays for years; perhaps this is the appointed time to consider having a more permanent ministry, with their own input and support. Pray for wisdom as we work through this proposition, and for the Lord’s clear leading.

Family Camp








The normal activities and ministry in the church in Simon Bolivar have continued throughout the year. We had our camp this year at another site. It belongs to the Lutheran Mission and is closer to Arequipa. We had over 70 campers, with some new faces among the regulars! Pray for a man called Enrique who attends the church periodically and has enquired about baptism. We had a long conversation on spiritual matters; pray that spiritual fruit may be increasingly evident in his life. Please also pray for one particular couple who attended the evangelistic meal; Jeanna & John. John commented afterwards, that he must go home and give serious consideration to the message he had heard. I gave him a booklet to read, but we need to water the word with prayer. Pray for the unconverted among us, that soon a “time of life”, real conversions by the regenerating power of the Spirit, may become more evident in the church.

There is a real threat of drought here in the city of Arequipa. We have had no rain for two years and there will be rationing if there is no rain soon. There is a daily growing concern among the population, particularly with the agricultural sector. But how many are concerned about the spiritual drought in the church?! The answer is, not many. The living epitaph can be written over all humanity, “there is no-one who understands, there is no-one who seeks God”. Rom 3.11. Pray that the Lord would pour out on his church the spirit of grace and supplication, the precursor for an increase of new and joy in his church.

Please pray for the Holiday Bible Club in February, that the Lord will bless the hard work of all the helpers.

Family News

Last year was like sailing against the wind, the wind of adversity in many ways. Roxy was ill almost the whole year, first with constant dizziness, a barrage of tests, and then two surgical interventions to remove a bladder stone. The good news is that now she is so much better, so we are trusting the Lord for a more active and fruitful 2015!

pic007We had a large gathering of family and missionaries at our home for Christmas. Yours truly cooked a chicken curry for over 20 people! I am not a traditionalist, it beats turkey any day! There must be a reason why nobody eats turkeys during the rest of the year!

Melissa is off school until the beginning of March, but we are keeping her busy with various activities, classes, swimming, music, dance, etc.

For me, I have been pummelled relentlessly in the fight, but although at various times I’ve been on the canvass, by the grace of God I kept getting up to go the distance, never to be counted out! But my enemy and his cohorts will not go the distance, rather they will receive the eternal knockout, at the APPOINTED TIME!

Thank you all for your support and prayers for us as a family and for team here, in the work in Arequipa. May the Lord grant you a most blessed and spiritually prosperous 2015!



Christmas at Grace

We welcome you to Christmas at Grace!

We are holding three main services during this years’ festive season.

Family Carol Service

Sunday 21 December, 10.30am

Including songs & readings from the children.

Followed by mince pies and hot drink.

Traditional Carol Service

Sunday 21 December, 6.15pm

With carols (old & new) & Bible readings from the Christmas story.

Mince pies & hot drinks.

Christmas Morning Service

Christmas Day, 11.00am

A short all-age service to thank God for his kindness to us.


Please do join us at any or all of our services, as we remember the sending of God’s only Son, who ‘dwelt among us’. For more details about our services, or about our church, send us a message here, or telephone 01704-531751.


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Bassenfell 2014

Families & Singles Weekend to Bassenfell Manor

Fri 24th- Sun 26th October

Events 07

Come and join us for a fantastic weekend next to Bassenthwaite  Lake. It’s a great time of fellowship with family fun and activities, and all meals prepared for you! Enjoy chill out time plus a varied programme of activities. Optional extra ‘outward-bound’ style activities will be available for the adventurous! Booking forms on notice board, or see Ben or Ruth H for details.





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Arequippa News September 2014

Set backs

Since our Spring Prayer Letter, when we reported on the encouragements received from the Envision team, we have been largely taken up with concerns over Roxy’s health.

Shortly after the team moved to Lima, Roxy began to experience dizziness and other symptoms, which required us to seek urgent medical help. As many of you know, Roxy suffers from high blood pressure which flares up from time to time. This time however the symptoms gave us real cause for concern. We were able to seek advice from a trusted consultant who, thankfully ruled out anything sinister, but who prescribed a form of medication that induced complete rest. This course of medication was followed for a few weeks but the side effects were considerable, so we gradually reduced the dosage and were encouraged to see a degree of more normal health returning.

We praise God for His goodness to us thus far. The degree of improvement experienced enabled us, as a family, to have a weeks holiday, north from here at a place called Tarapoto.

We still do not have a formal diagnosis but there is some talk of reduced blood flow, due to living with long term high blood pressure.

We would value prayer for a complete restoration (James 5; 13-15)

Follow Up work

Roxy’s illness meant that we have not been able to follow up the new contacts made during the Envision team’s outreach to Villa Magisterial. (as reported in the last Prayer Letter) With Roxy’s health now improving please pray that we will soon be able to renew contact with some of the ladies who showed real spiritual interest. Please plead with God that we might see His kingdom grow in this area of the city. (Matt 6 v 10)

New initiatives

As part of our review of the work generally, and in order that I might attend the pastors’ fraternal in the city on a Friday, we have decided to move the children’s club at Villa Magisterial, to a Thursday. Please pray that this change will not affect attendance and also that I will be encouraged through meeting with other pastors in the city.

Also we have introduced a Saturday morning family breakfast meeting, commencing at 7.00am. The idea is to reach more families with the gospel at a time when they are more likely to be alert! For most unconverted people, Sunday is a work day just like any other day. Also, preaching to tired minds, after a long day at work, is not the most efficient way to proclaim good news! In the area of the city where the church is located, a high proportion of children are undernourished so we hope that we can reach whole families, offering good food for both body and soul! Pray that the members will be energised to invite unsaved neighbours and friends. Many live within easy walking distance of the church building.

Physical and spiritual energy

Rocio too has been unwell, although now fully recovered. (recurring bronchitis) Physical weakness can often lead to spiritual weakness so please pray for renewed physical and spiritual energy, both for us as leaders and within the church at Simon Bolivar (Rom 10 v1)

Looking Ahead

We are looking and praying to the Lord, that in time, we can strengthen the leadership at Simon Bolivar.

We need more workers (men gifted in leadership and teaching), preferably from within the existing membership, but not exclusively.


Please Pray for the following seven concerns (one for each day!):

  1. For wisdom as leaders (James 1 v 5)
  2. For unity in the church (Philippians 2v2)
  3. For members to have a greater confidence in the gospel (Eph 1 v 16 &18)
  4. For the Spirit to move in salvation. (Luke 11 v 13) We see so few coming to a true faith in Christ
  5. For increasing holiness among believers (Col 1 v 9-10)
  6. For the believers to have a persevering faith (Luke 21 v 36
  7. That Ronny and I will work in harmony, that we will be kept from falling and alert to the cunning ways of the enemy (1 Peter 5 v 8)

We are all too conscious, just like many in the UK today, that we are in a spiritual battle, but we hold firm to the promises in Scripture that He will build His church (2 Thess 1 v 11)

Thank You

We are so grateful to those who, in more recent months, have renewed their commitment to us, whether in prayer or through their giving. Without your support, especially in prayer, we can achieve so little. Our goal is to glorify the Lord’s name in the church, the family and in the community. Through your prayers, and by God’s grace we trust we can fulfil all three goals and through them see many more souls won to Christ and thus see His church grow.

Yours in the fellowship of Christ

Anthony, Roxy and Melissa Green


Grace Event

Summer Fun Day @ Grace

On Saturday 14th June, we are holding our Summer Fun Day at Grace. From 4.00pm – 6.00pm, we will have a Bouncy Castle, Candy Floss, Drinks and a BBQ. The Grace Art Group will also host a display of their work.

As our guest for the weekend, we will also be joined by Matt Gamston, recently returned from working for the past 10 years as a Missionary in the Philippines. Matt will be telling us about his life and work, as well as updating us on life in the Philippines after Typhoon Yolanda.

So join us if you can, from 4.00pm until 6.00pm, on Saturday 14th June.

For more details, call us on 01704-531751.

Grace Event


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Arequippa News May 2014

When I am with those who are weak, I share their weakness, for I want to bring the weak to Christ. Yes, I try to find common ground with everyone, doing everything I can to save some. ( 1 Cor 9:22)

Doing everything I can to save some! An old Chinese proverb says “ a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” We can take such small steps by setting aside some traditions and trying new things to reach people with the Gospel. We may not see immediate results, but by the Grace of God such initiatives may be the first step on a journey that will lead some to salvation in Christ. We need to adapt and consider new ways in which to meet and relate to people in the community. “Cold evangelism”, which is word based only, lacks the relational, often not connecting or relating well with others. Building meaningful personal contacts affords a better platform for the gospel to be heard.

Recently we tried something different for an extended period: eight sewing classes with a number of women from the community. I am not a “crafty” person myself, but it was an opportunity to create the conditions and atmosphere for people to meet and get to know each other, building warm contacts in the community.

Two new singers side by side!sewing 01

Last month we had the GBM Envision team with us for four weeks. We worked hard at using their talents and experience to create gospel opportunities here in Arequipa. We had four young girls with us, one of whom was Fiona, a seamstress for a small business that designs and produces costumes for dancers across Europe. Recognizing her considerable talents gave us the idea to organize sewing classes in Villa Magisterial.

image002smallWe were able to gather a group of ladies from the community and during our times together they made dresses and trousers, and some clothing for children. Each meeting concluded with testimonies and a short evangelistic message. These classes provided the opportunity for the ladies to spend many hours working together. They would cut cloth and also learn how to use a sewing machine, and over the period we observed how much they appreciated attending, learning, and enjoying the final results of their handiwork! Lucresia was very encouraged when some of the ladies asked how they could go on to know the Lord.

It’s early days yet, but we pray that this contact will bear fruit and be the first step to some of these ladies coming to a true faith in Christ. This evangelistic outreach also provided a real impetus for restarting the adult meeting on a Sunday afternoon.image003small

Pray with us that these times of communal fellowship will encourage the ladies to regularly attend the meetings. One of the ladies came with her husband, José, on the first Sunday after the classes; pray with us that we will see real sustainable growth as we meet regularly during this year. May this first step be a journey that leads some to Christ; the desired end for all activities here in Arequipa.

Pray also for Sonia, her sister had an accident and died during this period of outreach. Pray that the testimonies and messages she heard will cause her to give serious consideration to the brevity of life and judgment to come.

image004smallThe girls also helped with the worship in the church at Simon Bolivar. Megumi has been a choir and orchestra leader at Queen Mary University, London, so the folk here appreciated the sweet harmony as she played her violin alongside myself on the guitar! They also baked cakes for the women’s meeting, helped in the various children’s clubs, and took part in the service at Villa Magisterial on their last Sunday. In addition of course, they also enjoyed the constant sunshine of Arequipa, as well as its culinary delights!image005small

It was a joy for us to have this team; they had an evident desire to serve the Lord in various ways. They were even asked by a lady in the church to sing at a relatives wedding! That was not on the schedule; but typically Peruvian; last minute and improvise! They spent time with the children in all areas, and also with both Ronny & Rocio, culminating with a nice barbecue to round off their stay.

Church news

Alfredo’s wife, Suzanna recently underwent surgery. Whilst in hospital we visited her a number of times and exhorted her to seek the Lord during this period of difficulty. Pray that this recent providence will awaken her to a deeper walk with the Lord.

A young lady called Katty, who used to attend the Sunday school as a child, was also in hospital with an infection. In her case there seems to be a most evident change. She has openly repented of her sin and was at church the Sunday following her release from hospital. She has expressed her desire to serve the Lord in the church. Please pray that these initial signs of grace will deepen and that she will be given sure evidence of her salvation by the inward testimony of the Spirit. This is what we long to see, a real work of grace in people’s lives, where they will be able to say, without prompting, “the Lord has saved me”!

Pray for the evangelism in all areas, and the follow up visits in Villa Magisterial. Each Sunday we have a number who come but remain hardened and unresponsive to the Gospel. This comes as no surprise; for we know from the Scriptures how hard hearts are towards the gospel, yet we are confident that “salvation belongs to the Lord”. Even the Lord himself had to face that stark reality in his own ministry, yet He could say, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants.” (Matthew 11: 25)

Pray for couples that attend the fellowship, that we shall see in them a greater desire to serve the Lord in the church. Truly the workers are few! Pray that the Lord will raise up workers and diminish the shirkers!

We need above all else the power of the Spirit upon the ministry of the word, so blind eyes will be opened to see the Glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. It is said that, while Charles Spurgeon preached to huge crowds in the Metropolitan Tabernacle, the basement prayer room beneath the pulpit, was filled with some 200 praying people, and he affectionately referred to this room as ‘the fire room’. What we need is Holy Spirit FIRE. If you forget all the other points, don’t miss that one, and put it at the top of the list!

image006smallPray for our health and strength as a family. We desire to show as much hospitality as we are able, and use our home to encourage others in their faith. May all these little steps we are able to make on our short journey here, lead to the salvation of many and all to the Glory of God. We thank you for your interest and continued support for the work here in Arequipa, as we all seek to do everything we can with the intent of saving some, and may the some be an increasing sum in the coming months!

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Southport Foodbank

Churches throughout Southport are working together with the Trussell Trustsouthportfoodbank logo 300wide to support people and families in need of help through the supply of food parcels.

All food is donated by the local community and each weekday, at least one church in Southport runs a Foodbank.


Lakeside Christian Centre Mondays and Fridays 1-4.00pmtrussell logo 300wide
Grace Baptist Church, Princes Street Tuesdays 1-3.30pm
All Souls Church, Norwood Road Wednesdays 11am-2pm
Ainsdale Methodist Church, Liverpool Road Thursdays 1-3.30pm


For more details please contact:

or call 01704 544419