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ladies at grace

Oasis with Kath Paterson

November 2021 Kath Paterson (Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh) encourages us from the scriptures about how to be ‘seasoned with grace’ and to keep looking to the Lord as we age and pass through different seasons in life.

ladies at grace

Oasis with Sharon James

Sharon James joins us to talk about her new book ‘How Christianity Transformed the World’.

ladies at grace

Oasis with Sarah Dalrymple

Sarah Dalrymple gives an overview of Amos. Sarah is married to Andy and they are members of Ballymoney Baptist Church, where Andy is the elder responsible for Community Outreach. Sarah spent nine years in France working with churches in the eastern suburbs of Paris. Following her return to Northern Ireland, she completed her PhD research…

ladies at grace

A Catch-Up with Pat and Karen Burns

Here is the sixth in our series of catch-ups with women who used to be with us at Grace. We were really glad that Pat and Karen were able to join us for a chat over Zoom in April.

ladies at grace

A Catch-up with Kathryn Bridle

Here is the forth in our series of catch-ups with women who used to be with us at Grace. We were really glad to have Kathryn Bridle join us for a chat over Zoom in February. In this video she gives us an update on the family, life and ministry.

ladies at grace

Oasis with Carol Watson

Carol helpfully unfolds the the storyline of the Bible for us – emphasising the need to see Jesus is all of Scripture! Carol is married to Ivan and they have been with Cavan Baptist Church in Ireland since 2008 and before that Ivan was pastor in Dunstable. At the moment she working as a doctor…

ladies at grace

Oasis with Clare Heath-Whyte

Clare Heath-Whyte enjoys ministering to women all over the UK. Clare and her husband serve the Lord at an Anglican Church in South London.


Zacchaeus Tree Craft

And for our final craft of our A-Z Memory Verses, we are making a tree, just like the one Zacchaeus climbed. We don’t recommend you climb any trees, but we do recommend you print off these templates and get cutting and gluing! Enjoy! Zacchaeus’ tree craft instructions 1. Print off the tree template 2. Very…

all have sinned

Memory Verse – Z

And here it is: our last alphabetical memory verse….the letter Z. Can you think what verse in the Bible starts with a Z?